1. Uncoiler

Uncoiler is used to store, load, hold, and supply strip coil for tube mill or coil processing line. we provides stand-alone uncoiling machine, or a combination set of machines consisting of coil storage pads, coil car, uncoiling main unit, peeler & feed table/funnel. Peeler & Feed table/funnel is designed to peel out and straighten the coil end. Peeler head is hydraulic driven for extension and peeling, coupled with hold down straightening roller.

  • Uncoiler
2. Shear and Welder

For combining straighten, shear end and welding of coils.

  • Shear and Welder
3. Accumulation

The operator or an automatic end detector senses the end of the coil, and the pinch roll stops pulling strip in. The tube mill then feeds from the accumulator by pulling the inner wrap of the outer coil around the takeout Arbor and into the mill.

  • Accumulation
4. Forming

The strips pass through the number of rollers as per the required size. In the tube mill, the strip is gradually converted into a tubular shape. The fitted welding machine is then used to weld trim edges of the strip welding process.

  • Forming
5. Electric Resistance welding (ERW)

ERW HF welding, the weld current is transmitted to the material through a work coil in front of the weld point. The work coil does not contact the tube--the electrical current is induced into the material through magnetic fields that surround the tube. HF induction welding eliminates contact marks and reduces the setup required when changing tube size. It also requires less maintenance than contact welding.

  • Electric Resistance welding (ERW)
6. Sizing and Straightening

After the pipe is basically formed, its pipe diameter and curvature need to be fixed by a sizing and straightening unit, otherwise there will be problems such as insufficient roundness, insufficient squareness, and straightness of the pipe.

  • Sizing and Straightening
7. Cut-to-length cutting machine

After the pipe is made, the cutting machine is ready to cut to length. This needs to be set by yourself.

  • Cut-to-length cutting machine