MD Message

It is worthy to note that India was the world’s second-largest steel producer in 2018. Growth in this sector is depends on domestic availability of raw material and cost-effective labour and major contribution in overall Indian Manufacturing Sector.

The scope of a project is linked intimately to the proposed business processes and systems that the project is going to deliver. Regardless of whether the project is to launch a new product range or discontinue unprofitable parts of the business, the change will have some impact on business processes and systems. The documentation of your business processes and system requirements are as fundamental to project scoping as an architects plans would be to the costing and scoping of the construction of a building. The most successful business projects are always those that are driven by an employee who has the authority, vision and influence to drive the required changes in a business. It is highly unlikely that a business owner (decision maker or similar) will realize the changes unless one has one of these people in the employment. However, the project leadership role typically requires significant experience and skills which are not usually found within a company focused on day-to-day operations. Due to this requirement within more significant business change projects/programs, outside expertise is often sought from firms which can bring this specific skill set to the company.

As enumerated in NSP, 2017, India has great potential to achieve greater Steel, manufacturing, supply and consumption target. To contribute in the potential growth of steel sector as envisaged in the NSP, 2017, and to achieve target as set out in NSP, 2017, we had decided to explore & use our knowledge and expertise in Steel sector, from trading & Steel service centre to Manufacturing entity. For this purpose, we have made investment in Uttam Strips Limited and committed to deploy state of art technology for best quality in its product range. We are also committed to upgrade our manufacturing technology with latest available technology, so as to run with global pace in the sector.

For customer, we are committed to provide best of the quality in our product and respect feedback from customers for any improvement in our product range. We will keep increasing our product portfolio to meet customers demand.

I would like to convey thanks to our workers, employees who are part of uttam family to continue their best in the growth of the organisation. We are committed to grow together with full satisfaction to each of us.

We strongly believe in hard work for mutual growth and determined to create a eco-friendly and cost effective system for our suppliers, customers and to provide world class platform for our human resources in our organisation.